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Easy Way Out Bail Bonds

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people.
A small mistake, like having one last drink before closing time at the bar, can land you in the local jail for DUI. If you have responsibilities, like a family or a job to get to the next day, immediate bail bonds in Smithfield are the best possible solution. An experienced bail bond company, like Easy Way Out Bail Bond, can help you to get out of jail and get on with your life.

Know Someone in Jail? Call Easy Way Out Bail Bond
At Easy Way Out Bail Bond, we offer some of the cheapest and fastest ways to get your loved one out of jail. As little as 5 percent flat of the total bond amount down can be enough to get your loved one out of jail right away. This means our bail bonds can be very affordable in the end.

For example, if the defendant is being held on $10,000 bail, you can put down as little as $500 to get them out. If the bond is higher and the amount is more than you have on hand, we do offer payment plans to help you get them out more quickly. We also have special offers and coupons throughout the year to help you save even more money.

South Carolina / North Carolina

Bail Bonds FAQs?
If you are dealing with the law for the first time, bail might seem like a complicated matter. Many of our customers are unsure about how to get out of jail in South Carolina or North Carolina when they initially call us.

The process of getting a bail bond can be difficult to navigate without help, which is why we always have an experienced bail bondsman available to work with you. If you are already at the detention center, we can meet you in the magistrate’s office to discuss the bail bond.

What is a bail bond?
This is a payment that the arrested person may be able to make to the court in order to leave jail until trial.

The payment is a way that the court can help ensure that the accused will appear at any future court dates.

How does a bail bond work?
Though each situation is different, the steps are generally the same. If he or she is able to, the defendant can pay the bond in cash themselves and be released from jail, but the bond is usually a larger amount than most people keep on hand. This is where a bail bondsman becomes useful.

How much does it cost?
The bail bondsman can pay the fee to get the defendant out of jail,

as long as a friend or family member pays as low as 5% down, call for details!

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